A decade of performance management is fulfilled

Friday, 29 January, 2010

Simon Merry - Head of Corporate Development, Dorset Police

Yes - it's been a decade since the term performance management became a common place term in police forces across the UK - and that term still holds true. What's changed however is what performance management projects look like ten years on, how performance management is linked with national policing targets and who within forces are now taking responsibility for it.

So whilst you might be central to performance management - how good a grip have you really got on leading performance management into the new world - the cut budget world that we expect to find ourselves in come 2010? How will your performance programme measure up as we move into performance management's next decade?

Each year over a hundred police officers from forces across the country gather to discuss performance issues at the Annual Performance Management for Police conference (24th-26th March, London). Unsurprisingly the dominant theme of the 2010 conference is around understanding, fulfilling and meeting the single confidence target as well as embracing partnership opportunities for your force as well.

This year Andrew Wren, Head of Police Productivity Unit, Home Office will be walking you through the implication of the December White Paper and how you should anticipate this to affect Value For Money in 2010.

As well as Mike White, Inspector Corporate Development at Wiltshire Police will explain how they have revolutionised their performance reporting system. He will reveal how this has provide them with virtually real time performance data and as such enables them to direct their efforts to the most pressing areas only - freeing up resource in other areas leading to either savings or the redirection of resource to an area of greater need.

Sometimes it's hard to know what the answer is, so instead of continuing your journey towards meeting the single confidence target alone, why don't you join forces - in every sense of the word!

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