Stuck for words? Let our pictures do the talking...

PocketComms... The pocket sized global communicator with over 1,000 pictures.

Simple, quick and easy to use

Designed for use whatever age, ability or nationality

Hardwearing, durable and waterproof, yet pocket money priced

PocketComms...Language First Aid at your finger tips

Have you ever been abroad or even here in the UK and found it difficult to communicate?

James Wyatt was one such person, so he decided to do something about it. Using the phrase "Because you can't draw to save your life" he has drawn over a 1,000 phrases in the form of cartoon pictures to help people on their travels.

You can order a coffee, give directions or report a crime and give quite specific details by simply pointing at a picture to get your message across.

PocketComms is waterproof, recyclable, yet hardwearing and more importantly easy to use for people off all ages, abilities and nationalities. Its double sided innovative 'swatch' style means you just fan it out and flip it over to quickly find the page you need. The colour coded edges help make it very simple to use and easy to remember

PocketComms was developed by James, a former army regular who served with the Household Cavalry, now an artist and professional illustrator with over 20 years experience. He thought of the idea whilst serving as a TA member of 15(UK) PsyOps Group in Afghanistan as the British Army's only combat cartoonist.

"It all started, during one of my trips abroad, when I was trying to communicate with a group of teenagers in Kabul, Afghanistan, I took out my pen and notepad and started drawing, soon I had a large crowd of curious onlookers asking questions to which I could draw a reply. I found that wherever I have traveled around the world I have been able to get an idea across by drawing a picture, it just made sense to me to put a collection of these drawings together so that others could do so too"

PocketComms, the initial product of an intended 'family' of products, has been closely followed by a military version, with other versions in development, in conjunction with an advisory team that consists of members of the British Army Special Forces, the British Army Psychological Operations Group, International Fire, Search and Rescue teams and the British Police Force as well as seasoned business travelers and communications specialists.

Trial versions are currently in use in Iraq, Afghanistan and by an International Search and Rescue team to further refine what is already a very strong product. Customised versions are also available.

"PocketComms was an obvious choice of name because I wanted it to fit in your pocket, help you communicate quickly and I have worked very hard to make it 'pocket money' priced. If you don't want to put it in your pocket it comes supplied with a hardwearing pouch to attach to your belt"

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