Red Tulip Systems launches virtual mobile phone service to protect officers

Red Tulip Systems, a technology startup providing solutions for secure communications and identity management, launches a new virtual mobile phone service for governmental and law enforcement agencies. WorkFone® helps to prevent crime by enabling source-handling officers to create and manage multiple professional identities on a single smartphone, increasing control while securely meeting all communication needs

Why WorkFone is needed WorkFone was born out of first-hand experience in the field. During his prior career at military and governmental agencies, Rob Sutter, founder of Red Tulip Systems, became well aware of the dangers officers face. ‘Our main goal with WorkFone’, says Sutter, ‘is to help law enforcement agencies and their officers collect better human intelligence (HUMINT) to prevent crime and terrorism.’

How WorkFone works To maintain their cover, it is common for source-handling officers to use so-called ‘burner phones’: cash-bought, prepaid phones that are difficult to trace. Working with burner phones for each case and identity can be tricky: a phone can get lost, cases become entangled, a contact may become compromised or the officer’s cover is blown. Using multiple phones means multiplying the risks. WorkFone solves all these problems. ‘Our app enables source-handling officers to use one smartphone to safely manage all their professional identities; it’s simple, secure and always on, and ensures their personal identity remains confidential’, says Red Tulip Systems CMO Josh Petras.

Safety comes first WorkFone can be installed like any other app, but, importantly, WorkFone does not store any data (or keep any data ‘at rest’) on the mobile device itself. All data transmitted uses TLS v1.2 encryption (NSA Suite B) and is stored on Red Tulip Systems’ servers or on customer premises if required. Within WorkFone, identities are strictly separated. Each identity is assigned a non-sequential, random local phone number, so covers are protected.

Availability WorkFone is available as an app for both Android and iOS and now available in the UK, Canada and the US. The Nordics, Poland and the Netherlands will follow soon.

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