On the ropes

Safety and visibility around cordoned-off areas is being improved following the introduction of ReflexRope, a new reflective rope from vehicle warning equipment supplier, Venta UK.
Incorporating a retro-reflective material, the innovative ReflexRope literally lights up when light from a vehicle's headlights or a torch shines on to it.

Clearly defining the scene of a breakdown or accident, the ReflexRope makes an ideal barrier to protect vehicles and people on the roadside and is perfect for corralling and managing people at the scene of an incident. The ReflexRope is also suitable for marine environments, at public events and in public areas, temporary car parks and camping sites where it can be provide people with a safe, visible walkway instead of a series of obstacles and hazards that could lead to a trip or fall.

Police, Fire Service, Airports, Rail and Traffic Management organisations have successfully trialled the rope, which is available in two sizes but can be manufactured to any dimension. The 6mm diameter 27-metre standard ReflexRope is fitted with cone loops whilst the 15mm diameter 4.5-metre ReflexRope has magnets for attaching to metal surfaces and also comes with cone loops for using in conjunction with standard road cones.
Highly visible, due to the reflective tiny glass beads that bounce light directly back to the source, the 15mm ReflexRope can be seen in car headlights up to half-a-mile away. Easily stowed away until required, the ReflexRope is ideal for emergency services and vehicle recovery operators providing them with an additional safety device for warning other road users of a hazard.

ReflexRope is already proving to be a popular addition to Venta's expanding product range of safety equipment, which includes beacons, strobe light heads and stand-alone messaging systems. The company is also a specialist in the latest LED lighting offering a range of grille and covert lights and fully flexible lightbars.

*Venta UK, Telephone 01962 884444, Email sales@ventauk.com
Picture caption: The ReflexRope lights up when light from a vehicle's headlights or a torch shines on to it

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