Improved Driver Protection

Drivershields UK Limited has moved manufacture of its driver protection shields to the UK with improved design and large price reductions.

Previously the shields were manufactured in Canada to Drivershields UK specifications and EU registered design. Now, savings on shipping, transport and import duty have reduced prices considerably.

Quality control from the UK manufacturer
is excellent. Most shields are now held in
stock and delivery can be within a few days of order. Design changes have resulted in improved rear view visibility and easier fitting.

The edges of the polycarbonate shields will now be bevelled and not require the previous rubber protective edging. Fitting and quick release could not be easier. Metal brackets have been replaced by adjustable webbing belts to the pillars of the head restraint and around the seat with quick release clips.

Price reductions for a single shield are down from £375 to £275 and for a pair of shields (driver and front passenger seats) from £700 down to £500.

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479872 or visit

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