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'RHINO' Duty Gloves

NEW! from BladeRunner


Hand protection doesn't get better than this

Attention all police, security, forces... and especially bike-riding personnel: you simply cannot afford to be without a pair of these supremely strong, smart and comfortable unisex protective gloves. Tested exhaustively to the very highest standards (and above!) of abrasion, blade cut, tear and puncture resistance by an accredited laboratory in the UK, Rhino gloves are exclusively available from at a great-value price of just £44.35 incl. VAT.

Times are tough on the frontline for anyone involved in security and protection - whatever the field of operation. Anyone carrying important documents or valuable items can be at personal risk, with hands always particularly vulnerable. BladeRunner's superbly functional and stylish black Rhino gloves have been tested to the limit, and help to provide the reassurance and peace of mind necessary for anyone at risk of personal harm - to go about their business with confidence.

The Facts: those Crucial Test Results ...

For Abrasion Resistance (method 6.1), Level 4: BladeRunner's Rhino gloves withstood in excess of 8000 cycles - well above the Level 4 requirement and in a different league to other textiles which struggle to withstand the 2000 cycle required to meet Level 3.

For Blade Cut Resistance (method 6.2), Performance Level 5: Let's remember that in order to achieve Level 5 the material needs to withstand just 20 cut cycles. Amazingly, the Rhino gloves withstood between 150.2 and 383.3 cycles - an outstanding result.

For Tear Resistance (method 6.3), Performance Level 4: Again, to achieve pass Level 4 the material needs to resist 70 Newtons. The Rhino gloves resisted from 72.5 to 93.5 Newtons on its inner layer, and in excess of 100 Newtons on the outer material - a reassuringly impressive result.

The final test is for Puncture Resistance (method 6.4), Performance Level 4: This maximum performance level requires the material to resist a puncture test of 150 Newtons. So, how did the Rhino gloves perform? Once again, incredibly well - they resisted a minimum of 162.2 Newtons.

How do I get hold of a pair?

Ordering your BladeRunner Rhino duty gloves is easy and instant at: where the entire range of BladeRunner's superbly effective protective clothing and accessories is just a couple of mouse-clicks away.

So whether you're a seasoned professional or simply a responsible person looking to protect yourself or family members from personal harm in these uncertain, fast-moving times, you need look no further than BladeRunner - proven experts in the protection field.

In early 2009, BladeRunner became part of the Spycatcher Group, a long-established company that's been leading the fields of surveillance, counter-surveillance and personal protection equipment for many years.

Already, the BladeRunner website's excellent new ranges of teeshirts, tops, hoodies, many types of jackets, balaclavas and neck-warmers are legendary because they are efficient in their purpose as well as being fashionably good looking. BladeRunner simply offers a completely 'new generation' of protective clothing for both men and women.

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